About Doodie Herman

I work from a small studio in the garden in Sydney. As a child I lived with the bush at my back, river and sky before me. Endless hours were spent exploring amongst the banksias and grass trees, returning home to magnificent sunsets reflected in water. Connecting with the peace and fascination of those early years is my inspiration.


 Doodie Herman


My inspiration comes from a deep love of and connection to nature that began in childhood exploring the hectares of untouched bush behind our house, returning home to a vast view of sky and river.


Though I once worked from my own photographs, my practice has evolved so I now paint almost exclusively from memories of the paths I and others before me have walked. I often mix colour on the surface and explore new tools and palettes to keep my paintings fresh and immediate.


The results are unpredictable, leading to variations in style from abstracts with geometric elements to both expressive and more figurative landscapes. The creative freedom in this way of working is very rewarding.

I have been a Finalist in several Art Prizes and exhibit regularly.